Start with Thanks

Eucharisteo. Thanksgiving. Charis. Grace. Chara. Joy.

“And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them … ” -Luke 22:19 NIV

In the original language, “he gave thanks” reads “eucharisteo.” In the Scriptures, the word eucharisteo is the word for thanksgiving.

The root word of eucharisteo is charis, meaning “grace.” Jesus took the bread and saw it as grace and gave thanks. He took the bread and knew it to be gift and gave thanks. Eucharisteo, thanksgiving, envelopes the Greek word for grace, charis. But it also holds its derivative, the Greek word chara, meaning “joy.”

^^^^I have never forgotten this excerpt from Ann Voskamp’s book, 1000 Gifts, and it is exactly what came to mind as I planned out my to do list for the next day.

My gut instinct was to start working on my endless To Do List, but then I remember the list of Thank You post I have been meaning to share before life got super busy. I was even laying down to go to bed since it is past midnight right now and that came to mind again.

To start with thanks.

The sabbath and tithing. Both are things I’ve always heard about growing up in the church, but always felt those were so…. drastic. “Yup I hear ya, but yeah no…. I am good and have been good without em”

What I have come to appreciate more and more lately is that that type of mindset just boiled down to avoiding inconvenience and believing I was still living the best life even by doing so.

  • The sabbath: You mean I have to trust that my to do list isn’t going to exponentially grow during my day off- so much so that I lose control and never can get a grip on life?

  • Tithing: 10% is a lot. So to make room for that in our budget mean sacrificing a lot of things already built in to the budget..

In 2nd grade, I was given an assignment with clear instructions to read ALL 17 of the instructions before starting. The goal was to be the first person to finish doing what was in the instructions to win.

“Why would I waste my time reading when can just jump right in and get a head start while the rest of the suckers are reading?” Well... you can read what #17 says for yourself... ---->

I though I knew better, but the joke was on me because I had the whole class looking at me as I finally reached #17.

After 30 years of doing things my way, I took the leap of faith and gave the sabbath and tithing a try. (During the time where life is the busiest and I am having to take off work the most.)

All these years I have finally realized I have been replaying the 2nd grade mistake because I have been told time and time again that God guides us through his scripture on the best way to live but I have settled for “good” instead of great because it was convenient.

Allowing myself a day of rest (the sabbath), I open my life up to precious memories with friends and family I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I allow myself to recharge and in the end am even more productive that I have been in the past. Honoring God with our finances is giving God the room to show how much He still provides regardless.

So, even though I feel like I would have better control over my schedule if I jumped right into knocking things out on my to do list (especially with how long it takes me to blog haha), I am going to start with thanks.

  • Thanks for Jillian who saw a need and searched high and low in her house for everything and anything she could donate! Our patients are going to be so grateful for the baby donations

  • Thanks for Kendra who has walked alongside of me in bible study and poured into our cause through donating

  • Thanks for this anonymous donor who is allowing our patients to discover for the first time if they are diabetic through donating glucose test strips

  • Thank you to Zaman Ali, a PDC brother and Pharmacy student who generously donated even though when I was a student, I couldn’t afford to donate!

  • Thank you to Nick and Lauren Maudlin who are full of endless support and ideas of how to ensure Be the Change's vision comes to life! I am excited for the ideas we will be building out!

  • Thank you to Brittney who is always the first to show support and donate with all my different attempts to fund raise as I figure out how to do this haha

  • Thank you Gail who loaded up our front porch with donations! So much so we may need a storage unit now :p

  • Thank you Maureen who I initially thought was an anonymous donor! You have no idea how excited I was to receive your donation as the very first off the amazon wish list!

  • Thank you Lou for your donations and for physically being their on our very first medical mission to the Philippines!

  • TY Dallas for not letting a strike in Haiti stop you from impacting patients around the world and donating so much that I could barely fit it all in one picture

  • TY Lindsey and Rhea for working hard to get donors for hygiene supplies for our patients, especially with how busy and hectic life as a pharm student is PLUS Rhea being prego and just giving birth! CONGRATS!

  • Thank you to my amazing husband, James, who fully supports me in building out Be the Change even though it means sacrifices on our part since I do not get paid by BTC AND have to take off work to get things done

  • Thank you to all my mentors who have helped me figure all this out as I go

  • Thank you to a God who guides my every move if I let Him

“One of Christ’s very last directives He offers to His disciples is to take the bread, the wine, and to remember. Do this in remembrance of Me. Remember and give thanks.”

He started with thanks too :)

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