Redefining & Realigning

I hate the word “Influencer”. At least I used to.

I hated it so much that I wanted to find ways to not have the name of our conference show up in any of our pictures this past weekend.

Why? Because what comes to mind when I hear the word “Influencer” are all the Insta-famous people that FIFE festival paid to hype it up or Kim Kardashian. People who just “do it for the Gram” and strive for attention on social media.

And I doubt I am the only one who has that definition ingrained in them because we had our lanyards on when we went out to lunch one day and the hostess saw “Influencer” written all over it and said, “Oh heeeeeeyyyy influencers, we have lots of great spots for you to take your Instagram pics…”


I do not want any of that to be my soul purpose. A tool, maybe. But not what I am known for.

This conference reinvented the term for me. It was simply just people who inspire others, “influence” others, to improve their lives based on your passion, experience, product or example. This way of thinking of the term forces you out of a place of “what is in it for me” to --> “What value do I bring to the world?” Once you have clarity on that, then dive in deep and do it unapologetically.

Clarity is something I went into the conference knowing was the next thing I needed to focus on. For those of you who know me well know that I have my hand in quite a bit of different things and I have always felt this nudge that I need to stop being “one foot in and one foot out”, but also need to clarify what exactly my “all in” should be. Obviously, there is Be the Change, but it is time to take sustainability to the next level. Stay tuned because there is SO much more coming and in the works!

And I am SO thankful that when I was booking all these back-to-back trips, I never realized at the time how perfect this upcoming week in Thailand would be after such an insightful conference as this one was.

One speaker at our conference was Jamie Kern Lima. (Definitely google her story). She recently just sold her cosmetic line for 1.2 billion dollars and actually wrote her business plan on the plane to her honeymoon. I chuckled when I remembered that because I just spent more than half my 16+ hour flight just ecstatically typing away to get my ideas down on paper. I literally had to hand ear plugs and my face mask to the stranger next to me because I could see she was getting frustrated that I was one of the only people with their lights on while everyone else was sleeping.

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