MIA to In Your Face

You may have noticed I went from completely MIA to the complete opposite: sharing something daily.

For those of you who know me well, being present is something I value deeply so much so it was one of my wedding vows I wrote to James (which our anniversary is on tomorrow by the way!) 

So, it has been an interesting journey diving deep into learning marketing strategies and navigating how to beef up all-the-things for our company and Be the Change. The MIA part is because these past 4 month have been jammed packed with some amazing things going on in the Philippines CCClinic that my nonprofit (Be the Change Global Outreach, Inc.) opened in June, which I'll be sharing lots soon! (So keep an eye out!)

But as I attempt to apply all these amazing things I am learning from @kimannejimmenez, I am praying hard to still honor my value in being present. It's fun getting to reminisce on previous travels and contemplate on a memory to capture from the day and building that muscle memory in posting regularly in a spontaneous way on my personal accounts. All the while, I have also been finalizing our content calendar for Be the Change because a balance between batching content and spontaneity will be equally as important.

What it is coming down to is realizing I can still be present AND I can give myself a period of time each day to be intentional with staying consistent. Just like any other necessary business task I give myself time do, i.e. bookkeeping, responding to emails, etc. Now social media is wiggling its way into my schedule. But y'all the struggle is real.... and I find myself wanting to go back to my "anti" ways towards social media because I am subconsciously protecting my "be present" value and trying to  avoid it becoming something that consumes my life like I see happen so often in people around me.

I wish I can say I have a magic formula for this current struggle and prayer is what I am clinging to, but that prayer goes both ways. Prayer to still be present, but prayers for permission to do it well. Prayers for discernment when my motives veer off towards self centered reasons and the ability to keep myself in check. Prayer for courage to keep diving deeper in expanding my knowledge and for mentors to take me under their wings (because I have no idea what I am doing and feel like an old person haha). All of this is so new to me, which is exciting to learn! You are probably thinking, what was the point of sharing all this? I am just documenting the journey- the wins, the struggles, the thought processes. A sneak-peek behind-the-scenes view into this journey that is always keeping me on my toes!

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