Episode 8: The Big Reveal

Be the Change is developing a Continuation of Care Clinic (CCC) that will operate 5 days a week, year-round, which means our care does not stop after our Medical Mission teams return to the US and is not dependent on when are teams are on the ground.

If you have not watched or read any of the other Episodes, let me provide some context before going any further:

  • Episode 2- This all started because of the “Tiny Bag Dilemma”: a concern regarding the small quantities given during medical missions

  • Episode 3- Giving larger quantities would not solve it because of the likelihood of patient selling their medications to provide for their family, plus dose adjustments, additional therapies, and support may be needed

  • Episode 4/5- The “Tiny Bag Dilemma” really only pertains to a small percentage of our patient population, so rather than increasing the frequency of our trips, we need to develop a program that provide continuation of care to the subset of patients who need it

Prefer to watch the Video Blog post instead?

What does this look like from a PROGRAM standpoint?

Be the Change is partnering with an Interdisciplinary Team of healthcare professional (Physicians, Pharmacist, Nurses, Physician Assistants, etc) from US and Philippines to build out protocol that our Filipino Program Director will use for dose titration

supplemental therapies, or therapy changes. We are also developing this program out in the form of a clinical study, so we can evaluate our clinical outcomes and hopefully qualify for grants and other funding.

What does this look like from a PATIENT standpoint?

In previous episodes we talked about how the “Tiny Bag Dilemma” affected our chronic disease state patients because those patient need medication every single day until told otherwise.

The CCC will address that dilemma by enrolling qualifying Diabetes and Hypertension patients into the program to replenish their medication supply, while also modifying their therapy per protocol if improvement is not achieved.

We plan to teach our patients how to monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels at home and provide them with the necessary equipment and supplies to do so. Education in general is a huge part of our program because this is where patient become proactive in their health. Through providing Lifestyle Modification education and Medication Adherence Support at each visit, our patients will be able to understand the diet and exercise required to gain control of their health. We will set goals with our patients and will provide the support and accountability as they set out to achieve them.

Cost to our Patients?

Our goal is to do all of this absolutely free of charge to our patients.

So over the next couple of weeks I will be applying for grants and am officially heading to the Philippines the first of October to meet with the Department of Health and Mayor on October 8th.

My goal is to get to know and understand the programs already being offered already, so we can see how we can best integrate this program into the programs being offered.

Realistically, grants are not commonly funded towards Pilot Studies and private donors will most likely be required to get this Clinic up and running initially. After reviewing the budget, which I will post more about in upcoming post, we should be able to achieve full funding for the first year if only TEN donors could commit to $250 per month.

I want to quickly mention this to put in on everyone’s radar, so you can begin to pray and consider if this would be a cause you would like to support financially. If you are already to set-up a recurring donation, you can do so HERE.

We have THREE months to develop and refine our program before we implement in December!

As we continue forward in the journey, I am going to be sharing with you all the details of the CCC with the welcomed invitation to share your thoughts, your professional experience, your likes, your dislikes, and point out our blind spots. I can only interpret medical guidelines so much, but y’all are the ones who have lived out these guidelines. You have seen what works and does not. What is realistic and what is not.

I need to hear these things. Our PATIENTS need to hear these things.

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty details and behind-the scenes to the CCC, I am going to share with you all our long term vision for the CCC and the potential it has to completely change the way BTC approaches our global outreach! Stay tuned and until next time y'all!

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