Day 7-10| R&R| PH 2019

Cebu traffic is INSANE. The first day of R&R was intentionally left blank because the number 1 feedback we get on our trips is for more down time. But instead, we found out about an Island Hopping excursion that was willing to take us the afternoon after we landed- so off we went!

Beware of the money squeezing. Each stop was another 100 pesos for this or for that. So after that was discovered, we just told them we were fine with the location we were at and enjoyed the beauty!

Next morning was an early one. I was excited because I purposely booked a Guided Tour for the next couple of days so that the Guide could lead and I could mentally take a step back, especially since this was the first time I had done this excursion. But no… the flood of questions still came at me despite only the guide knowing the answers to the questions. Time and time again I told the team I was no longer the guide and to direct all questions to the actual guide, but no… they still flooded me with questions I did not have answers for. But we eventually got through it haha

Communication was not the forte of this tour company. Finalizing payment was a mess since it was never made clear that cash was expected and it happened to be a national holiday that day (SMH..) Okay vent over!

The excursions were FUN! Canyoneering, jumping off waterfalls, hiking through beautiful sceneries- incredible! The initial plan was to go swim with the Sardines first (which was what James and I looked forward to THE MOST), but when it didn’t happen until later in the day, we tried to “go with the flow” until the guide wanted to act like we hadn’t already confirmed that part of the group wanted to scuba!

So it was a mad dash to go get our dive cards and make it to the scuba place. From my experience, 230 is a typical cut off time to the last dive and at this point it was already 3…

Luckily the dive master took our team, suited us up and off we went! James asked how far the run would be to the dive location and the guy said “right across the street- its a beach dive. There is a ledge not to far from the beach and everything will be right there.”

We asked a German guy with his son if he was able to see the sardines and he said “none…” and our hearts dropped… then he laughed and said “more than none! They are EVERYWHERE”, and they WERE!!! It was such an incredible dive!

Next morning was another early morning and yet another AMAZING DIVE! We dove with the whale sharks and there was nothing like it. Got to play with a puffer fish also! These two dives are, by far, my top dives I’ve ever been on!

Next we drove out to some waterfalls were the ponds had those little fish that eat your dead skin on your feet. Then had breakfast at Sumlion Island and hung out in the sun on a sandbar. Some snorkeled and others relaxed. Lastly we hiked up to Osmena Peak, which I was on the fence about because I was so tired! I am not sure what the guide was thinking in telling some team members it was okay to do the hike in flip flops, but it was WAY more intense that I was expecting AND I had sneakers on! Definitely broke a sweat, but the view at the top was worth it!

Showered quickly at the hotel before heading the the airport. Flight kept getting delayed and made me worried that we would miss out connecting International flight, but everything worked out! The next worry was that we weren’t able to check in and kept getting some error. Luckily that worked itself out, made it to our flight and finally had a chance to relax! Hung orchestrated an awesome final debrief, which he filmed and we all can’t wait to see the documentary he puts together of our trip! It feels great to be home, but there was a solid day of withdrawals from being with our amazing team!

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