Day 5|On Your Toes|PH 2019

THIS is another day God left his fingerprints ALL OVER.

My initial plan was to build out what we would do on this day during the flight over to the Philippines, BUT there was no internet AND my electrical plug didn’t work to keep my computer charged.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Pslams 16:9

And once we landed, I literally spent each waking moment finalizing plans for that particular day or making it happen. So the morning of this day, I quickly put together a game plan and sent it over to Rhea and Christine for feedback. The overall goal for this day was to spend half a day at the first medical mission (which was in my parents front yard) and the other half at the second location for the First Big Medical Mission. We would confirm diagnosis of Diabetes with the initial patients that qualified for the Continuation of Care Program and would get initial information needed, ensure they knew where to meet for the follow up appointments and then schedule their follow up. Aka, I wanted to keep it simple.

The feedback they provided completely rearranged and changed up the plan I had initially made. Or rather, it completed threw my idea in the trash and created a completely new approach. They suggested doing things I had no intentions of doing until way later in the program, but I value feedback so much and trusted their vision so I went with it. And you know what, that was okay- even though that meant we didn’t have the handouts we needed or were not able to provide training to any of our teammates on how to execute the tasks for the day, nor had any of the supplies out and ready despite the patients already waiting outside..

You could see if ALL over our team mates faces. Looks of doubt and confusion. You could sense in the air that the confidence in my leadership was being tested and I assume they were thinking I was very unorganized and incompetent, when really I am not afraid to think on my toes and (on-the-spot) change the game plan because of great feedback received.

Why? Because I was living out my moto of “Jumping in and figuring it out as I go”. To me, that approach to life is as second nature as breathing and a comfortable and familiar place to be in. For the team, it oozed with doubt and screamed discomfort.

This was probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

It is one thing to personally push through discomfort, clinging on to faith because the vision is so clear and I know it's achievable, but it's another to have to do so when it is written all over your teams face that they don’t yet see your vision and their trust in your leadership was fading fast.

There were many times I could have let their doubt blind me from the vision only I could see at the moment, but with each direction given to our team members, with each modification made, with each piece that fell into place, you could see the light bulbs begin to turn on for the team and before we knew it, we were a well oiled machine!

We taught each patient how to use a glucometer and had them show us themselves. We had a nutritionist teach them how to count carbs and what a proper diet looked like. We provided the first months medication and answered any questions they had.

Naturally the community saw that we were holding another event in the front yard, so it attracted more than the select few who were invited to this session. For those individuals, we conducted a simple screening to see if any of the new individuals qualified for the program and discovered quite a few!

On the way to the second location, God provided JUST the amount of time needed for Jessica and Lindsey to train the team on how to teach the patients to use their glucometer AND for Christine to share the education portions on Carb Counting. As soon as she finished, we literally pulled up to the location! So neat to see God provide in that way.

This set us up beautifully to organize the stations and waiting areas and conducted the activities the smoothest we’ve done thus far!

Later that night we shared our usual “highs and lows” and the first person to share said that she needs a plan and has to stick to it, but my leadership is helping her to learn to embrace flexibility :)

Another neat story to end this post with: A random patient stumble across our clinic in the second location who ended up qualifying for our program. Someone we found out he worked for the Airport customs department. He took a video of our efforts and escorted my mother to the airport the next day. Remember the mess I described on day 3 surrounding us trying to get the confiscated bag back from the airport? God provided through this patient and we were FINALLY able to get our bag back! How neat is that?!

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