Day 1- Itinerary Coming Together

Despite making the effort to switch over to the correct time zone two days before flying out, my body still wants to wake up at 4 am here and craves a long afternoon nap every day! I have not been able to write until now because we have been so productive and it’s incredible!

The hardest part when booking this trip was trying to determine the best duration of stay because I did not have a set itinerary for each day pre-planned. Nonetheless, everything has fallen into place and is turning out to be the perfect amount of time!

Funny story for Pre-Trip: I had to run 15 miles before flying out and since I was trying to stay up all night before I flew out, I decided to do a late night run. Since I am slow, it was going to take me at least 3 hours to complete the run. Well I forgot the neighborhood I decided to run in locks all the gates into the neighborhood after 11pm. So when I finally made it back to the gate I had entered in, I saw that my water bottle I had left at the gate was juuuuuust far enough out of reach on the other side of the closed gate! :( So not only did I have to run back through the neighborhood to get to the main gate, I had to do so extremely craving the water that was out of my reach!

Airplane Travel Stories: Not going to lie, I was secretly hoping my really tight connection to Hawaii would have been delays so United would have to put my up in a hotel for the night :p But it was not haha! Guam looked gorgeous from inside the airport, would love to visit some day! I do not think I will fly United again internationally. They nickle and dime you. I am use to the excitement of trying to choose the best option between the multiple meals international flights usually feed you. PLUS they alcohol is usually free as well! Not the case with United. And their movie selection was definitely deficient as compared to almost every other International Airlines I've been on. Not to mention I had to cover myself with 3 blankets and a jacket to not freeze to death!

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