My Mission


To give people the tools to find the Courage, Clarity & Freedom to overcome what has or will hold them back from starting a movement; even if that is just within themselves.


To sustain the work of Be the Change Global Outreach, Inc.

  • All Proceeds are 100% Donated to Be the Change 

  • All Proceeds are 100% Eligible for Tax Deductions  

  • All Proceeds have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

My Vision

You have nothing to lose & everything to gain

I envision light-bulbs on a world map springing to light in representation of people realizing & actualizing their potential until the whole world is fully LIT.


It does not have to be about how many light bulbs turn on; just how brightly they come to shine. The world is a brighter place because this program made such a profound difference & catalyzed a movement.

My Values

  • Keeping my priorities straight: God, Family, Friends, Choose Joy

  • Learning people's stories or helping them to discover theirs

  • Always finding a path to yes

  • I love me some feedback

  • Honoring a day of rest every week

Most Importantly

Fully embracing & inspiring others to "Jump in & Learn as You Go,

Ducks do not have to be in a row"

What is holding you back in life?